Our L&D Institutes

Our L&D Institutes

Attracting and developing early career professionals throughout their career path within V3 Gourmet and its brands is key to ensure we perpetuate the success of the group.

Committed to supporting all of our employees, V3 Gourmet is accelerating its policy dedicated to training and access to employment and career advancement.

Conceptualized in 2008, V3 Gourmet brand Institutes have developed over the years, and give full time employees an opportunity to immerse themselves in our ecosystem, be inspired by our leaders and enrich their skill sets, generating passionate and qualified professionals.

The V3 Gourmet Institutes also aim to strengthen the ways in which we interact with new generations to foster engagement, accessibility and inclusivity – of profiles, diplomas, geographies – to broaden the reach of transmission of our knowledge and savoir-faire.

Programs at each of the brand Institutes give our career professionals access to exclusive training from inside each brand and to equip them with the relevant competencies for their career advancement as they work to develop in their specific role. Programs include Brand Experience Workshops, Professional Development Workshops, Selling & Serving Workshops, Product Connoisseurship Certification, Supervising and Managing Workshops, just to name a few. Each Institute is dedicated to training internal brand representatives with additional know-how in specific areas including brand experience, luxury behaviour, retail sales, fine dining services and leadership.