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    The first dedicated global luxury gourmet lifestyle group, V3 Gourmet owns and creates legendary food, beverage and lifestyle retail brands and dining destinations around the world, including iconic concepts TWG Tea, Bacha Coffee, and Le Cabestan.

We transform gourmet traditions into dynamic brands that will become the legends of tomorrow.

Vision +

The V3 Gourmet group brings together truly exceptional brands. Each of these creates products and experiences that embody a unique taste and know-how and a vibrant engagement with modernity. Our vision is to cultivate authentic, innovative and refined epicurean products and experiences and to lead the industry and shape the aspirations of luxury consumers.

Throughout the group, luxury is defined through attention to detail and perpetual innovation, with the intention to inspire dreams and emotions through our products, packaging, locations, service and the expertise of our teams.

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Industry leaders in luxury gourmet lifestyle

Our businesses reimagine traditional sectors for established and emerging markets.

V3 Gourmet brands lead the industry by expanding frontiers and pushing the boundaries of creative expression, while remaining custodians of time-honoured epicurean craftsmanship and masterful design.

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A long term perspective in establishing and sustaining legacies

Sustainability and responsible business are the strategic priorities for every brand that belongs to our group. Our V3 Gourmet name represents Vision, Values and Valour — three principles that also reflect our relationship with our brands, employees, customers and stakeholders.