Women of Taste

Women of Taste

V3 Gourmet continually reaffirms a commitment to a diverse workforce, reflecting the reality of its businesses and creating an invaluable source of performance. This commitment to diversity inspired the creation of the Women of Taste.

With the Women of Taste – a forum for gender equity – the V3 Gourmet encourages the professional development of women in all positions and at every level of the organization through a variety of initiatives.

“Diversity is a very important source of complementary skills and capital, making it a key factor in the continued success of V3 Gourmet and its brands,” says Joanne Chew, Group Head of Human Resources. “We have a remarkable pool of talent at V3 Gourmet. Providing inspiring career growth opportunities for these ambitious women and men is essential if we are to continue to meet the challenges we face today and in the future.”

In addition to the active engagement of our executives and an HR policy that encourages true gender diversity – spanning recruitment, training, career appraisal interviews – three tangible levers have been established:

  • Actions within each brand including training, coaching, mentoring and support.
  • A regional network encourages staff in every brand to take part in local events and initiatives tailored to the specificities of each market.
  • Each brand also deploys actions aligned with its culture, values and strategic priorities.

Since the creation of the group, the percentage of women overall in the company has been maintained at a steady 45%, while the percentage of women in key and management positions has risen to 48%.

In 2022, V3 Gourmet created the Women of Taste, a forum for invited employees to discuss, debate, and share ideas or good practices around gender equity.